This article provides various tips on how to stay fit and healthy, as well as aspects involving nutrition and drinking water. H2O Nationwide is a leading provider of water monitoring and water sampling services all over the UK.

We are very lucky that in the UK our drinking water is of a very good quality. Regular water sampling checks are done to improve this even further and to ensure that the public constantly receive a healthy standard. Many cities have various of these stations to check the quality of water for bacteria levels as well as chlorine, various pollutants, odour, pH, turbidity and other aspects.

It is important to drink water on a regular basis, about eight glasses a day, in order to stay healthy and hydrated. It keeps the organs working properly and helps flush out any toxins, therefore improving the condition of the skin and hair at the same time.

Eating a healthy diet can also ensure that we stay free from illnesses and are able to enjoy an active lifestyle. Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand when it comes to looking after our bodies, so there are various tips to follow.

Regarding fitness health tips, everyone should exercise on a regular basis to ensure that our heart is working properly. There are many ways to do this, whether it is taking a brisk walk everyday or going cycling. You can even opt to take out a gym membership if you feel that would be an easier way to remember to improve your fitness. Various workout classes can also be beneficial, as they help you to meet other people at the same time.

There are various nutrition tips to also follow. It is recommended by the Government that each person should be eating five portions of fruit and vegetables everyday. The packaging often explains how much is needed in order to qualify for one portion, so be sure to check this. A healthy balanced diet means avoiding cutting out certain food groups unless instructed to do so by a dietician, perhaps because of an intolerance or allergy. Try to cut out fizzy drinks, sugary foods and alcohol as much as possible. Coffee should also only be consumed in small quantities, as it is a diuretic and can also cause sleep problems in some people.

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