Heath and Fitness Tips

It’s not news that keeping fit and healthy is important. However, despite this being widely acknowledged  there are still record numbers of people with obesity and many people would freely admit they are unfit.

The reason for this may be that, although people have heard that keeping fit and healthy is important, they don’t realise why. So what are the reasons why health and fitness is important?

Keeping your heart happy

Having a healthy heart is vital to having a healthy life. While there are some heart problems that cannot be avoided there are many that are a result of poor diet and lack of exercise. It is important to eat a balanced diet including vegetables, protein and carbohydrates. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol as neither are good for you and both can cause a multitude of problems for your heart.

Keeping a stable weight

If you want to stay at a good weight and not risk obesity then health and fitness is very important. Experts suggest that exercising three times a week is wise. In order to maintain optimum fitness it is advisable to do cardiovascular exercise as well as some toning work.

Cardiovascular exercise is exercise that gets the heart beat racing. This can include swimming, running, aerobics, kick boxing or any highly active exercise. Toning exercises include yoga, pilates and weights.

Many people put off exercising as they feel they have to join a gym to do so. Gym membership can be expensive so some people see it as a deterrent. However, you do not need gym membership in order to exercise. In fact, even to do some weight lifting work you can improvise at home. For ladies, for example, tins of beans are a good substitute for weights in order to tone the upper arms.

General fitness

Health and fitness is important for general fitness. Day to day life requires a certain amount of health and fitness. How often have you found yourself getting out of breath going upstairs or walking a long distance? By eating good foods, watching your alcohol intake and exercising two or three times a week you can improve your general fitness considerably.

Fighting off illness

While some illnesses are unavoidable there are some that can be avoided by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The key to a healthy lifestyle includes drinking plenty of water, eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day and exercising.

In these busy times often maintaining a healthy lifestyle is overlooked. However, health and fitness is important in order to live a long and happy life and following the key points outlined can help to achieve this.